The Rules!

  • All Dogs must be assessed for temperament suitability prior to being accepted. 
  • No entire adult males will be accepted.
  • All dogs must be fully vaccinated, which includes the kennel Cough Vaccine, and proof of vaccination produced, prior to being accepted.
  • Breeds known to be have more aggressive tendencies will not be accepted.

Services  -from 7.30am to 6pm

                                                  Full Day              Full Day                   " DIY" per hour       "DIY" per hour

                                                Members         Non Members                   Members           Non Members

Dog Agility                                     £12                  £13                                  £3                         £4

Exercise/Weight control                 £12                  £13                                  £3                         £4

Bath'n'groom                                  £16                  £17                                  N/A                       N/A

Obedience Training                        £13                  £14                                  TBA                       TBA

Puppy Socialisation                        £12                   £13                                  £3                         £4

Annual Membership Fee                 £20

(runs from end February to 1st March)